Terengganu ( Kemaman )
Sunday, May 1, 2011

It was a unplanned trip a very rush and last minute one too , Zhen lek will bring me and bii go back to his hometown which is Kemaman , somewhere in Terengganu that's near cherating . Supposingly start our journey at 7am but i used 1 hour and 30minute to pack !! I packed on the very last minute that is why it took me so long .. Picked up Zhen Lek around 8.45am and then off we go to terengganu :) I basically slept thourghout the whole journey ( like a pig ) LOL ! Reach there around 12.30pm and stopby at Kedai Kopi Tin Kam Leng to have out lunch . According to Zhen Lek it's a famous noodle there ! I'm shock with the price only RM1.50 for a bowl of noodle ? Seriously cheap , I don't think i can even find that in Kuala Lumpur . FYI,  I don't really like yellow noodle , so i got no comment :)
This Kedai Kopi Tin Kam Leng is at that blue building , kindda hard to find or people who don't know this place well 
Old place isn't it ?
RM1.50 noodle :) 
FISSSSHHH ! * i don't like fish too * so no comment :)

After finish our lunch is time for us to find hotels ! Because it's a last minute trip so i couldn't manage to book though online . Its so troublesome !! Guess what ? all the hotels there are fully booked , including hotels in Cherating .What the hell ! the only room that was available is at  Cherating ''The Legend Hotel'' which cost RM700 a room per night .Our budget for hotel is around RM300 and I rather spend that on my next trip if it's RM700 =.= so forget about hotels , we find motel instead . we headed to Homestay which is the best among other motel to check if there's room left but ended up '' fully booked '' too =.= Gosh , I admit I was quite fed up that time after asking 10hotels and feels like going home . Bii never give up on finding and found a motel name ''hotel '' there :) cost about RM88 a night ? That place was hmmms ...acceptable but the bed was horrible ! Hehs , i whine a lot right ? sorry , please forgive me :(
Check in to that motel and straight away camwhore with bii   

After Cam whoring with me he took 1hour nap before going out to next destination later :) After that , it's TEA TIME ! Zhen Lek bring us to this street where they sell lots of satar , otak -otak , paris ikan , laksam ! I only know what's otak otak , other then that i don't know what it is . so i'm actually quite excited to eat them .. * evil laugh * You guys should totally come here ( WARUNG AWIE ) , the satar is the best compare to other places that sells satar ..

This is how Laksam looks like :D

 Otak Otak 
  SATAR !! FDelicious
 Oh myyy ! this is super delicious cannot stop eating this 

 Pais ikan is soso ... 
 Sotong looks good but not very nice =/ 
 Our table :D

Went to a beach that's 20 minute away from this place for a walk :) I didn't expect the seawater to be so clear and the sand was actually very very soft and it feels so good when we step on it , stones there are not those rough surface that will hurt you when you step on it ..!

The water very clear isn't it?

After enjoying the scenery at beach is time for Dinner :D had our dinner at the ''TONG JUAN ''. Food there doesn't taste as good as last time . so it was ok only , the stuff crab used to taste so much delicious then now .

 After dinner ZhenLek called the local person to tell him to inform us if there's sea turtle :D BUT BUT BUT sadly there's no calls return :( no luck , oh well ...yumcha at another cafe & after that dota !  

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